There are two hospitals in the city of Groningen.

The UMCG , University Medical Centre Groningen is a big university hospital. It is located near the city centre , 1,5 km South-East of our practice.

As it is a teaching hospital , you will encounter many junior doctors. It is the best place to go to if you have complicated or rare medical problems.

As the UMCG is a highly specialised university hospital , the tendency is that more and more  “minor” or “normal” medical problems are referred to and  dealt with in the hospital of Winschoten, about 40-45 km East of Groningen.

Hanzeplein 1
9700RB Groningen

The Martini Hospital is situated in the South-West of the city  5,5 km from our practice. It is a modern and well-equipped hospital, with a good reputation. It has one of the three specialised Burn Centres in the Netherlands,  and has good functioning departments in almost all the medical specialties ( in case of cancer radiotherapy you are referred to the UMCG with which there is a good co-operation).

Martini Hospital
Van Swietenlaan 4
9728 NZ Groningen
T: +3150-5245245