There are many pharmacies (in Dutch: apotheek)  in Groningen. Here we list the pharmacies closest to our practice.

Prescriptions will be sent electronically. At your first visit to the pharmacy you have to take your ID or passport, insurance card and credit card or cash.

Some pharmacies have a  medication dispenser or pick-up machine which enables you to get your repeat prescription 24/7. Always the first time you get a specific prescription, you will have to go to the pharmacy during opening hours !

For NEW prescriptions, only Hanzeplein apotheek has a 24 hour service. See below


At the north end of the Boterdiep near the shopping centre at the beginning (W-side) of the Korreweg.  400 m North form the Student Hotel.

Open Mon-Fri  08:30-17:30

Boterdiep 119

9714 DZ Groningen



Coming out of our practice building,  turn right and follow the street (Nieuwe Boteringestraat) to the North. It is located on the second corner (Moesstraat-Tuinbouwstraat)  past the park (the Noorderplantsoen). 700 m from our practice.

Open Mon- Fri 08:30-17:30

Moesstraat 34

9717 JX Groningen

T: +3150-5716848


In the centre of the city, close to the Martini Tower and the Grote Markt, 600 m from our practice.

Open:  Mon- Fri  08:30-18:00 ; Sat 11:00-16:00

Kwinkenplein 6

9712 GZ Groningen



Situated on the Korreweg, 500 m East from the shopping centre at the beginning (W-side) of the Korreweg,  1200 m from our practice.

Korreweg 118

Open Mon-Fri 08:30-18:00

9715 AJ Groningen

T: +3150-5731524



On the square opposite to the entrance of the UMCG, the University Medical Centre, about 1500 m South- East of our practice.

For patients inscribed at this pharmacy  : Mon-Sat 08.00-20:00 without extra costs.

APOTHEEK HANZEPLEIN  is also the only pharmacy in Groningen that has a 24 hour service.

But be aware: getting new medication  Mon-Sat 18:00-08:00 and on Sunday,  is only possible with a prescription from a substitute doctor of the DDG (Out of hours GP Service) or an emergency department  and this will cost an extra 45 euro for every prescription!

Hanzeplein 122

9713 GW Groningen

T: +3150-3115020 ( Mon-Sat 08:00-20:00 for inscribed patients)

T: +31900-111 50 20 (€0,20/min : Mon-Sat from 18:00-08.00 and 24/7 on all other moments.