A repeat prescription is a prescription for medication which you are using regularly.

If you want to discuss the use of a new type of  medication,  please call the doctor between 08:00-09:00 (telephone consultation), or eventually the assistant after 09:00.

Repeat prescription  Online:  you can log in 24/7 with your own account on:

 Repeat prescriptions answering machine : 24/7  T: 050-312 34 12 (choice 2) : it is important to mention your last name, date of birth, telephone number and pharmacy. After that please mention the name of your medication, the dosage (milligrams) and how often you use this.

Every day around 10:30 the requests are send electronically to the pharmacies. Since it takes two working days for the pharmacy to prepare your medication , it is wise to make the request at least a couple of days before you run out of it.

This all means that you don’t have to come to the practice, but you can go directly to the pharmacy, preferably between 15:00 and 17:30.

If you prefer calling the assistant about repeat prescriptions or with a question about medication, call between 09:00 en 10:30  T:050-312 34 12 (choice 3)