From September 1 2016  Dr. Soeters is practicing on  Monday , Wednesday and Friday.

On Tuesday and Thursday he is working at the University Department of General Practice.

Tuesday morning and on Thursday Dr. Kocks is in the practice. Tuesday afternoon the substitute doctor is Dr. Boersma  whose practice is in the same building. For medical problems which have to be dealt with you can call the normal telephone number.

Often a General Practitioner (GP) in training is active in our practice. These are doctors specialising to become a GP. The GP in training is working  in our practice for one year under the supervision of the GP. Until march 2017 there is no GP in training  active in our practice.

During our temporary absence ( during holidays and refresher courses ) the substitute doctor is also Dr. Boersma . For medical problems that have to be dealt with on short notice,  you can make an appointment with Dr. Boersma by phone  T: +3150-3125432 (choice 4 ).